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Athletic Director My selected profession is an athletic director. The regional and state organizations for athletic directors in the region the OIAAA which is the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association, also SWOADA this is the South Western Ohio Athletic Directors Association. Nation organizations for athletic directors is NIAAA this is the Nation Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association. Internationally the organizations are IAAAC International Association of Athletic Administrators and Coaches. The mission of a national organization is to bring together the professionals and use other to better the profession. The standards to certify professionals is at least a Bachelor’s Degree, or higher, from an accredited institution. Two or more years of experience as an athletic administrator.
Employed by a school, school district or state high school athletic/activities association in such capacity that the administration of interscholastic athletics is among job responsibilities. Completion of LTC 501, LTC 502, LTC 504 and LTC 506. Successful completion of the CAA examination. Developmental opportunities for athletic directors are all the athletic director conferences that are held year around to promote the excellence in the profession. This can help build their program and help build your professionalism. Fees for the NIAAA go from $15-$800 you can join and become a member as a student which you have to be enrolled in undergraduate programs involved with athletics or administration. The regular membership is $80 and the $800 is the lifetime membership this is available to those who qualify for the regular membership. Key Journals and research for Athletic Directors are the Monthly newsletter from the accredited associations for athletic directors. These can be from the OIAAA, NIAAA, or the IAAAC these new letters will provide you with information and research of your field. To keep your membership you have to renew it each year and pay the required amount to maintain the membership. For job listings you can go to OIAAA or NIAAA to see what jobs are in need and see what job fits you for location, and money. Listings are put up very frequently and to stay on top of jobs you can request the newsletter, which lists the jobs in areas. To submit an application for a position in your field it must have all details in what you have accomplished, courses take, where and when you completed your studies for the major, and you need to tell what skills you posses. Volunteer position for experience you can get internships with your school or an apprenticeship with a local school. Usually your school can help you get a volunteer position to get your foot in the door for your position. The requirements for my major are 126 credit hours with at least a 2.5 GPA and no grade lower than a C in any class. Fulfillment of residence requirements and complete the necessary courses for the core curriculum. After we complete the program we are to show excellence and fully understand our duties of being in the athletic department and being a leader and to show change in the program we get involved in after graduation. The requirements for entrance for preparation for professional career is to complete the required courses for that major and be able to enter the preparation for a career such as internships and apprenticeships. Most of the universities you attend have the graduate programs at the university so you can enter them as soon as your done with the necessary courses. There is no ranking system for judging the graduate program just depends on the university you go through for your graduate program. Some of the top scholars in the athletic director field in the last two decades are Wilfrid Kent Hughes was a Rhodes scholar and an Olympic organizer. Myran Rolle was also a Rhodes scholar from