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The Frame of Opportunity “If you get a job that you love to do, you will never work a day in your life.” I have always kept this saying close to my heart since I was just a little kid because I could never picture myself sitting in a cubicle all day while wearing my little suit and tie, with a mug of coffee that read, “Warning: Not a morning person.” I was determined to find something that I could easily see myself doing for a living for the rest of my life, and that moment arrived when I received my first Digital-SLR camera as a birthday gift from my father. When I held this camera in my hands, pointed it at my dad and looked through the viewfinder, I didn’t just see my dad in a rectangular frame, I saw an opportunity. This opportunity that I saw was not just the opportunity to press the shutter button and capture a nice photo, in fact, when I actually pressed the shutter button the photo was blurry, my dad had blinked, and the photo was overexposed. But this opportunity was the one that I had been waiting to find for 16 years. To literally make history a tangible thing in the future is the job I would have and never work a day in my life.
I just began to play with the camera for quite a while, as if it were that action figure or doll you received from Santa Claus on Christmas morning as a child. Then I began to look into the deeper things of photography such as telling a story with just one photograph, capturing happy moments, sad moments, funny moments, and ‘a story to tell my kids about’ moments. A year passed and then on a Friday night at church I saw someone running around with a camera, photographing the church service. I pictured myself pointing a camera at that photographer and saying, “On the count of three say opportunity! One...Two…click!” I applied as a volunteer a few weeks later and in January 2012 I was an official photographer for my church. Now I have been volunteering at King Jesus Ministries for 9 consecutive months and without a doubt, I enjoy it more than that G.I. Joe action figure I received from Santa on Christmas day. My good friend who gave me the chance to become a photographer for the church is now helping