Essay about Colorado Gun Laws

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On March 15, 2013 Colorado governor John Hickenlooper signed the State of Colorado’s new gun laws into effect. Many of our countries politicians have different views on these laws. The layout of the new laws and the significance it has in our political world is proving to have a profound effect on the entire nation.


After the unspeakable acts of violence that involved the use of high powered firearms, like the Aurora, Co movie massacre and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, many politicians are calling for stricter gun laws in our country. According to recent polls most Americans agree that something has to be done; but what exactly needs to change without affecting the rights guaranteed under the second amendment proves to be very difficult. Colorado lawmakers took the first steps in limiting the types of weapons its citizens can lawfully own. These new laws include the banning of ammunition magazines more than 15 rounds as well as requiring every potential gun owner to pay a fee of ten dollars every time a gun is purchased or transferred ownership for a universal background check. The fact that these laws are the first of its kind makes application and enforcement unprecedented.


With the new Colorado gun laws now passed in state of Colorado, the nation’s politicians are becoming more polarized than ever. This has become evident in Colorado as many of the republican sheriffs are now refusing to enforce these new laws. Weld county sheriff John Cooke told “Democrats in the state legislature are uninformed and scrambling in response to the Aurora movie theater shooting and other recent tragedies” ( There are many republicans throughout the United States that want all of the talks about gun legislation to just go away; in fact many believe that it is jeopardizing our second amendment. Democrats, on the other hand, have a very different approach on these laws and bills. Vice President Joe Biden praised the law being passed in Colorado saying "Congrats to Colorado House and Senate for passing universal background checks” ( Many democratic politicians are pressing the U.S.