Essay on Coming Out and New Life

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I am just a simple man, living in the old world dreaming of a new life. We have no freedom of

religion, oppressed by the upper class, and no way to improve our life. There was talk, about a man

named William Bradford wanting to start a new colony in the new world. I thought this would be a great

opportunity for my family. I mustard up the passage money, and went and signed up for the voyage to

the new world. There were two ships ready to set sail, in the next couple of days. Cooperation is the key

to success, in the new world and aboard ship. Without it there would be failure in the quest for a new

The two ships set sail, but after several days the second ship was leaking too bad to make the voyage to the new world. So the passengers, where boarded onto the Mayflower. This brought the total of passengers to one hundred sixty two. The ship was a cramp place to live, room was very precious to everyone. My family and I had a little nitch in the back of the ship. There we ate our food, prayed, and gathered for reassurance of being a family. To make more room during the day we would tie up our bunks to make more room to spread out, so we would not fill as cramped. Other passengers caught onto this idea and soon the ship seem a little bigger than it was. I started rationing our food that it would go a couple of days more. This would give us more meals, than just one or two. My neighbors, saw me doing this and wanted to learn how to. But at times, there were little fights for some people did not believe in cooperation. I was noticed, for my efforts and was elected to the provisional government established on board. We still had some time aboard ship. Then, I got to become the rationing officer, that way I extended the food for many several weeks. This increased the moral among the passengers. This allowed cooperation, among the passengers to keep striving for better days ahead. But, during that time several passengers had passed away. Another, group was established that was to maintain the clothing we wore and the hygiene of the passengers. A provisional military was established to keep order and guard the remaining food left on board. And when we landed to establish a permanent government in our new colony. Everyone was getting restless on when we would reach our new home. As the voyage drew on, cooperation was key to the success of the goal that Bradford was trying to achieve, even though we had some setbacks we all knew that it was meant for us to reach our goal. Life aboard ship was getting very intense by the number of people that we had, and the food was starting to get old. We were all, time for a change of scenery in order to maintain our sanity.
Then one day land was sighted, it was a glorious one. The water was a clear blue and you could large forest for miles. The sight was chosen, for the deepest of the bay so that the ship could anchor in it. Bradford was on the bow of the ship admiring our new home. You could see off in the distance, a group of people coming out of the trees. We all wondered if they would be friendly or not, so a