Communication and Social Care Settings Essay

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In this task I am going to write about both discussions about what I think my strengths and weaknesses are. What I think went well, what areas stopped me from communicating. What areas could I improve on in the future? In health and social care settings staff need to know by clients if they don’t understand their communication between the client and the staff member. This is to show if the communication from the staff member is good for the client to understand.
1.1 Discussion
I think my strengths are good eye contact, good posture and good body language. I also think my strengths are feeling confident when speaking out, but letting others talk about the topic and listening to their point of view. I think my main strength is listening and feeling confident.
I think my weaknesses are stuttering as I had speech therapy when I was a child to help with my speech. I think If I speak about my thoughts of the topic, I sometimes feel stupid about saying it as sometimes words come out as I say them and I think people may laugh at what I say.
I think my improvements would be to attend a drama club to make me feel comfortable about myself talking in front of everyone and less stupid about myself talking in front of everyone. I could refer to a speech therapist again to help myself talk slower and this may help me to stutter less.
Group discussion
I think my strengths are having a positive mind about the topic of discussion. I think I feel positive about the topic because I know a lot it as I have to be aware of my diet due to my diabetes. I feel confident and this shows everyone because I show good eye contact and positive body language. Everyone in the group discussion was willing to participate within the talk and managed to get lots of ideas and comments across about the topic.
I think my weaknesses are that people argue over the topic, I find it hard to write down the ideas that people give on paper. Sometimes the discussion goes off track and I find it hard to keep the topic focused as it goes from one subject to another not relating to the actual topic itself. I noticed in the other group that some of them weren’t participating. I think when two people from our group went up to present our ideas I had a feeling that some of the people from other groups might be patronising to others. I find this because some people can be really horrible and not pay attention and start interrupting. I find it difficult to talk at the same time as others, so I have to stop talking and wait until the other group have finished saying their