Communication: Blog and Dear Team Members Essay

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To: Group 1
From: Jwal Dakwala
Subject: Ethics of business blog
Date: 24th September 2014
Dear team members,
After reading the exercise 6.9 on page number 146 of the book business communication book, I want to discuss about the ethics of the business blog.
Today there are rules and regulations everywhere and it should be followed by each and every one. Every company has some ethics and rules that should be followed by each and every employee of the company. These rules are made by the CEO of the company and they should be strictly followed by every employee of the company. Here are certain points that should be kept in mind while doing blogging on the corporate blog and certain rules should be made.
There should be strict rules followed that are mention to write a blog.
Every member of the company should be allowed to write on the blog and can view the blog.
Certain restrictions like not to post unwanted stuff on the blog and no jokes should be posted.
There should be only talks about the company or project for what the company is working for.
Blogging should be formal and should match the company ethics and rules.
Every member of the blog should have their own account and should not misuse their company logo and their trademark.
Blogging post should not disclose the company policies and private information of the company.
Blogging should not have post that are personally related to employee that hurts the feeling of the person.
All the above mention points