Communication: Marriage and Husband Essay

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The most obvious interpersonal conflict in this movie was the kind that occurs in marriages between a husband and wife. The movie displays the disadvantages of miscommunication in marriage and the importance of creating an atmosphere in marriage where you can hear your partner, understand them and fully express yourself to them. Conflict in marriage is something that as a married man I understand on a primary observation is inevitable and normal.
The part of the interpersonal conflict that was the focus on Spanglish is how much the husband and wife disagreed on so many things that I think is the foundation of marriage and being a part of a family. They disagreed on how their daughter should be raised. Due to the wife’s unconscious inferior expectations of their daughter, she failed to provide love and comfort to their daughter. The wife was instilling insecure feeling to their daughter and the husband was aware of this problem and disagreed with his wife. He never made a full stance in my opinion, on how their home should be run and although he did his part to take care of their daughter and provide her with love, he never completely stood up for her against his wife.
Marriage is a partnership. The wife did not seem to consult with her husband with decisions that affected their home or daughter. They did not work as partners, they both different things, they both had different understanding and for the most part did not fit for each other. Since there communications were lacking, the husband turn