communications speech Essay

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1. 3.-4.5 MINUTES LONG. Please try to keep your speech as close to 4 minutes as possible
2. The speech will follow an informative speech speaking pattern.
3. You must carefully cite three primary sources for your speech during the speech.e.g. “According to an article in the Boston Herald on September 2nd 2013, author Steve Buckley stated that the Jacoby Ellsbury would not re-sign with the Red Sox” or Entertainment Today writer, Marian Jones called the new One Direction movie ‘a mess.’”
4. You may use only one .com website like Red Cross. com or but you may go to news websites like ESPN or the Boston Globe to get dated and authored evidence.
5. You may use “expert testimony” if you name the person, date of the interview and establish “credibility’ for your source e. g. “Professor James Hayes-Bohanan, long time geography professor at BSU predicts that the world consumption of fair-trade coffee will double in the next ten years.”

1. Your manuscript must be typed on full size paper-one side only! Print 2 copies, 1 for me and one for your presentation.
2. Pages must be numbered on the top right hand side,
3. Use double or triple spacing to avoid skipping a line and at least a 12 point font or larger.
4. Try and only use 7 or 8 words per line so you can easily mark for delivery.
5. Use “/” as a pause mechanism on your script and highlight points for emphasis. A “/”