Community Outreach

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Drew. Schiesser
Organizational Behavior
December 11, 2012
Mrs. Ngetich
“Community Outreach” Most of Central Christian college students who graduate pursue jobs outside of the college, this is true for almost every graduate looking for a job. The norm isn’t to look for work at the college you graduated from. Most schools in fact help with getting you out the door rather than keeping you and prefer it that way. Central Christian college is not different in this regard, except Central Christian College has built a reputation for leaving its student in the cold when it comes to finding jobs. In most cases, students were not happy with the lack of help. But for me this it is important that Central one prepare me for the job market, and two help build my resume to get the job I want through school activities, professors, or extra-curricular actives. In sum, Central in recent weeks has given me the opportunity to be a part of an internship locally. This is a great opportunity to build a resume for a job this summer, as well as when I’m in graduate school. This is just one aspect of many in the college’s structure and culture; there are lectures monthly from business students. Some from centrals alumni who have moved on outside of Kansas and have created their own businesses. Other graduates have started working for business throughout the Kansas area. The sense of Community these graduates have is taught at Central. And through varying degree’s allowed them success in the workplace based on this culture. Central also has a business fraternity named Phi Beta Lambda which gives business student the chance to compete nationally for awards as well as statewide. Central list available jobs through their website as well.
In this paper, I will mention primarily my own perspective of the organizational culture at Central with regards to, the future internship I have in January, the PBL competition and fraternity. In short how those relate to the text from class, what is the hierarchy in relations to PBL and the internship who’s involved, and how did they start, and then present a video of the building I will be working at for my internship, as well as material from the text.
Internships and practicums are defined as integrations of classroom work and practical experience in organized, programs, designed to expose students to the world of work while earning college credit on the job. These may or may not be paid position, this was taken from the Central Christian College academic catalog. These allow students to continue their educational experiences within a working environment much like a career. The internship is a resume builder indefinitely, as well as credit toward a degree at Central. The requirements are that the student be in good academic standing, at least a sophomore level status, and a department approval. Basically after consulting the executive VP of the college, who stated that he primarily considers the work in the internship, does in suffice to the standards set by the departments and College if it meets these requirements then he signs it. In contrast if it does not then he rejects it and notifies those involved that they should revamp or reevaluate the conditions. The subculture at Central within these two departments primarily cares for the students trying to essentially to become experts, or at least seasoned in business before looking for jobs outside of the school. My internship deals with the following, I’m allowed to Attend owners meetings once or twice a week, this helps to understand the small business financial situations in the real world setting. Critical thinking and decision making, which helps to develop, implement, and evaluate a semester long marketing plans. These plans can include research of target markets, setting specific goals, and measures for the plan, developing events within the store, evaluating effectiveness and advertising options, measuring success