Comparative Religion Study Essay

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I believe in ‘Islam’ and whoever believes in Islam is called Muslim. There are lots of people who are Muslim because their parents are Muslims, I learned about Islam from my parents at the early of my life. The more I grow up the more I learn about it and also other religions. I searched why it is need to learn religions in so many different ways? I always feel better when I learn something new, so learning about some other religions also. I felt religion is the one way to stay on the right path. Islam declare that it is the final revelation of God. Islam manifests all of the following eight elements. Islam has a) belief system, b) Community c) Central Myth d) Rituals e) An ethical system f) Emotional expressional g) Material Expressional of Religion h) Sacredness. a) Belief System- Islamic followers just believe in one God. Islam said, there is no God but ‘Allah’. Allah is the Arabic word. In the Quran which was reveled on Prophet Muhammad (S:) it is declared, Allah is the only one God and Muhammad was of His messenger but we have to believe also past all others Allah’s messengers (Prophets). So, Islam is a monotheistic religion. “The Quran, according to Islam, is the book of speeches of Allah, which was revealed through Gabriel to the prophet Mohammed. The language of the Quran is Arabic, the dialect belonging to the Quraish tribe, the tribe entrusted with the city of Mecca, and the tribe Mohammad’s family was a part of.” (Islam & World Events, n.d.) B) Community- Islam belief in community system, Islam loves to show loves to peoples, to neighborhood, to the poor, it doesn’t not matter what the belief they have in their mind. Islam believes, the human being is created by Allah, so there is no difference in each other. They can work together and they can live together and also have to help each other for the development of society and also to protect their lives and families. C) Central Myth-Islam believes the world is created for the short time of life, but hereafter there is another life which is endless. So, why Allah send us here? To test his human being and if someone can pass the test he will go the ‘Jannah’ (Heaven) and if they cannot, will go to the ‘Jahannam’ (Hell). D) Rituals- There is a big holly day for Muslim people. It is named “EiD al-Fitr”. The website named Islamic Network quoted so many verses from Quran and Hadith, here is one quoted form this website, “The objective behind fasting is to restrain the soul from desires (for food, drink, and sexual relations), divert it from its normal circumstances, tame the strong desires, prepare it to attain the happiness and benefits (from fasting), and purify it from its untamed state.” (Khan. Uthman ,n.d.) It teaches us the feeling of hunger poor people who cannot buy food. After fasting 30 days every year, Muslim celebrates this (EiD al-Fitr) great festival day but still they cannot consider drinking alcohol alcoholic food or drink would be acceptable. As a I am strongly restricted drinking alcohol. Another great festival day named Eid Al-Azha which is a slaughtering an animal like cow, goat etc. on the base of your income and saving for your family, neighborhood and also poor people in the name of Allah. Doing this you are sharing time, money, with everybody and also helping poor people. Helping poor people is mandatory for certain people because they of their wealth. If a Muslim have a certain amount of money for a whole year which was saved by income, you have to give out certain percentage of your total assets but it is considerable that if you are not owe any money or properties to nobody. This is the basic justification to check if you are bound to do it or not. If someone likes to help poor people, there is no restriction applied until you are not taking care of your own family. There are also some other celebrating days for Muslims. E) Ethics-There is a strong ethical system in Islam, because Islam believes that Islam Allah is only one God who is