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Compare and Contrast Essay Rivalry has always existed, because of this we have the modern day technology and princibles we do today. "The World on the Turtles Back" written by the Iroquois Tribe and "The Women Who Fell from the Sky" written by the Seneca Tribe are both Native American stories of how brothers of both good and evil bring balence to the world. The purpose of these stories was to provide functions of a myth. The Iroquois Tribe does a better job of explaining how the world came to be in "The World on the Turtles Back." Both Native American stories use the funtion, provides modles of how to live but due to more details in "The World on the Turtles Back" it provides the fucntions more effectively. In the Iroquois story, two brothers quarrled sense birth. The right-handed twin wanted to be born in the normal way, but the left-handed twin said no. He said he saw light in another direction. the right-handed twin tried to tell him not to, saying that he would kill their mother. The left-handed twin was stubborn. He went in the direction where he saw light. He was born through her left armpit, and killed her. This shows the left-handed twin was evil and did not care that he would kill his mother, and how the right-handed twin was good because he cared about his mothers death. These two brothers, as they grew up, tey took clay and modeled it into animals, and they gave these animals life. And in this they contended with one another, but soon everything one brother made the other contradicted it. This shows that without good there is no evil. In "The Women Who Fell from the Sky" the funtion was sumilar. Brother Djuskah was displeased with brother Othagwenda for making animals so big and fat, because Djuskah didn't want humans living so easily. "The World on the Turtles Back" provides so much more detail about balancing good and evil.

Another funtion of a myth is explaining or natural sourroundings. The Seneca and Iroquois Tribe both had similar explainings to this. In the Iroquois story with the mothers death "from her head grew corn, beans and