The Interloper Compare And Contrast

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Compare and Contrast: “The Interlopers” and “The Story of an Hour”
Although the stories are very dissimilar, and are written by two different authors; There is some resemblance in the story line and the events that occur. The short stories, “The Interlopers” and “The Story of an Hour” are both graced with the subject of death in them. However, both stories show it in a different way.
“The Interlopers” is about two rival men, Ulrich and Georg, who find each other on “their land.” As each man goes through the forest to hunt one another down, they find themselves trapped under a fallen tree. The setting in this story is dark and gloomy. They are in an unlit woodland, and just to tie it all together, it’s a stormy night.
“[…] wind-scourged winter