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Gregoire 1
Daphnie Gregoire
Professor Freilich
6 December 2014
Elementary School and Middle School

When you were little, did you ever wonder what it would be like to shift from elementary school, right into middle school? A question that is always asked by many kids. I was once a kid, so transitioning from a lower to a higher status of a school, while growing up; is something I am very accustomed too. There is a large or sufficient amount of similarities as well as many distinctions that both the schools share, and don't share. Both elementary and middle school, both share similar characteristics, and are equal in their own way. One of the many traits that both the two schools share are clubs. Clubs are a very essential for little and big kids. It's only fair that both schools are giving students the opportunity to show how adroit they are, or just to create clubs for those who they think will have a better feel in the school. It's all about providing a contented community for the students. Which is why both schools are alike in a way. Even though students are granted clubs; the activities in both schools are very dissimilar.

Gregoire 2 In elementary school, the students there are very young. In clubs, such as: Aftercare, and Arts and Crafts, the kids are being supervised by the teachers in their care, and are given snacks and naps, (depending on their age). As opposed to kids in middle school, they aren't given these clubs and the benevolent care from their teachers after school. Middle school does have it similarities with elementary clubs; just more strenuous in the brain and more inventive with the hands. Another change we can compare, and contrast is schedules. In elementary, kids are given one teacher, that'll edify the material they're given; depending on their level. Apparently not in middle school. In middle school, students are given a schedule a bit different from elementary. They are given six periods, and are responsible for themselves. This schedule has written their four subjects, along with two electives of their choice. Kids in elementary are to be taught by their one teacher. Once they're done, they're to walk to their daily elective in a single file line, and head to lunch once they're done. As opposed to kids in middle school, the responsibility is in their hands, and they're to do their tasks on their own.

Both schools are given outdoor, extracurricular activities, at their school. They are given instruction from their teacher, who is in charge of the program; continuing on. But in middle school it's a bit disparate. Instead of being told what to do, and playing on the playground, the kids in middle