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I enjoy reading horror stories and watching horror films so I would like to compare the movie The Night of the Living Dead with The Birds, which is a short story that I have read. There are many differences between the two, such as themes, plot, setting, characters, endings and any changes. In The Night of Living Dead, there was radiation on one of Venus' satellites and it turned humans into zombies. Anyone who was not affected by it could be eaten by the zombies and they themselves soon turned into them. The main character is Ben, and the antagonists are Mr. Cooper and the zombies. In addition to the said characters in The Night of the Living Dead, some others are Barbara and John, Mrs. Cooper and her daughter Judy, and Tom, In the beginning of the movie John dies, but later comes back as a zombie. Barbara, who is John’s sister becomes traumatized and runs off into and old farm house . There she meets Ben and the others. They all try to work together to survive and combat the zombies.Tom and Judy die because Judy is stubborn and brings Tom to his death with her. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper die because they are disobedient and trap themselves in the basement with their infected daughter who kills them. Barbara dies because John grabbes her out of the house and the zombies eat her. Ben wakes up the next morning to be shot in the head by a killing party, sent out to exterminate the zombies.
In the story The Birds, the protagonist is Nat Hocken. He and his family are trying to fight off thousands of birds attacking people and their property. As the story tells, the behavior of the birds has changed because of the weather, or the Arctic Circle. Other characters in the story are Mr. and Mrs. Trigg. They end up dieing because they do not listen to Nat Hocken, who is the smart one in this story and has a lot of experience. Nat gathers supplies from the neighbors house and boards up his house. He tries to calm his family down while they ride out the vicious birds that are attacking the house, trying to get in.
As for the comparability of the two, the plots are somewhat similar. Mr. and Mrs. Trigg died for the reason of