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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover “A long written or printed literary composition.” This is what the definition of a book is in Webster’s Dictionary. Yes this is a very accurate definition of a book, but only in literal terms. A book is so much more than just words on paper. A book is something that makes the reader see the world in a whole new perspective. That opens their eyes to using new possibilities. A book makes a person think about humorous and serious topics. It’s an escape from the real world, a chance to lose oneself in a flurry of plot twists, characters and cliffhangers. All of these lead to a bigger picture, making the reader feel as if he/she is a part of the story itself. A book is about using your imagination, using your senses, and havin a personal connection with the book. A book is all about imagination. Reading a book by just going over the words is not what a book is written for. It is a chance to test the creative boundaries of your imagination. Being able to imagine a world that doesn’t exist or to imagine what a character would look like. Imagination is like a fingerprint. A fingerprint is a unique trademark that each person has. In the same way everyone’s imagination is unparalleled. Only you can control how you imagine the setting of a book or the way a characters hair falls over his face. It all depends on if you choose to use your imagination. This is how you immerse yourself into the book and make it meaningful. It can also create a mental movie in your head so real it is as if instead of reading the book, the reader is watching the book. Using your imagination to create your own image of a book is what a book is all about. Being able to see the book is one thing, but what about the other senses. Using your senses is another thing that makes up a book. It is not just about reading about the way that the zoo smells ow how loud the wolf howled. It is experiencing these things yourself that help understand a book. The Hunger Games is a perfect example of using the senses to create the mental movie in your head. When the author describes how the characters are poised in a stance ready to fight, the reader can imagine it. When the author describes the carnage of the battle and how the smell of blood is everywhere, the reader can smell it. When the author describes how it feel to have a bow in your hand, the reader can touch it. Being able to imagine that you are seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, or smelling something that is not there is what a book is all about. To