Compare and Contrast Essay

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Jordan Oliver
English 100-02
April 3, 2013

Do your family socialize with other families? My family socialize with other families, but they devote their time to the Smith family. Although my and the Smith family socialize, they differ in three ways. My family, for example, is very independent. My family is very strict when it comes down to getting things done. We never wait until it’s the last minute to get a task completed. family don’t let things get out of order, we make sure things don’t get out of control. My family background is very family orientated. We always will be there if someone in the family really needs help from someone. My family mostly do things on their own an don’t ask for help unless it’s needed. My family make sure their financial situation stay in order. We all make sure we have putting away just in cases a very expensive situation happens. My family finances are never a problem. The Smith family, on the other hand, is very dependent. The Smith family is not that strict when comes down to getting things done. They don’t manage their time so things can get done in a reasonable time. They usually wait until the last minute to complete a task. They don’t take actions to certain problems before it gets out of order. The Smith family background is very unorganized, They never make sure things is neatly done or make sure things stay in order. They usually never get something done unless another family member help them. The