Compare And Contrast Essay On The Holocaust

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The Holocaust
“I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature.” was a direct statement from Adolf Hitler. He believed that mankind shouldn't spare ones life in a situation such as animals in the wild that kill their own kind for food, or man shouldn't be spared if they do wrong in one's eyes. This related to the Holocaust being so that he felt since the Jews did not fit his standards he should kill them no matter what it took. Hitler was said to have killed over 10 million people due to his beliefs on what race should be tolerated in his sought out perfect society..

The Holocaust, also known as Shoah, or even Holokauston meaning sacrifice by fire, was a devastating mass genocide dating from 1941 to 1945 during World War Two. When Adolf Hitler took power within the Germany, he began to attempt to get a law passed that would
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I believe that if I were a bystander for the Holocaust, I most likely wouldn't have stood up, but sat in sadness everyday for what the world had come to. Again there is not much you can do against a person with such higher power than yourself as a common citizen. Hitler was a very intimidating man but at the same time a coward for what he was doing. Hitler feared the people who stood out and weren't ‘normal’ because difference means change and he wanted to be in control of everything and everyone. The german public were all scared and entitled to their fears. The Holocaust was a terrible traumatizing life experience for everyone, even the bystanders. While it was obviously harder for the people experiencing it, as sad as it is the bystanders have a valid excuse for not successfully doing something about it. I truly wish things had been different and I mourn the lives that were lost but you can't blame the german public for not helping when they were equally scared for their