Compare And Contrast The Coming Of Arthur

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In the Idylls of the King, Sir Alfred, Lord Tennyson contrasts the characters to develop the protagonist Arthur. In this epic there are many hints of contrasts. Tennyson utilizes narration to develop Arthur while contrasting King Arthur with Lancelot and Guinevere with Elaine. Near the beginning of the epic, “The Coming of Arthur,” the selfless hero King Arthur pursues Guinevere. Arthur displays purity by only loving one—Guinevere: And Arthur, passing thence to battle, felt Travail, and throes and agonies of the life, Desiring to be joined with Guinevere; And thinking as he rode, “Her father said That there between the man and beast they die. Shall I not lift her from this land of beast Up to my throne, and side by side with me? …show more content…
Arthur, the unselfish hero, considers only his beloved Guinevere. His integrity demonstrates a fit king for England. Arthur’s love for Guinevere is sincere and true. When King Leodogran realizes Arthur is King Uther’s son he grants his lovely daughter Guinevere to Arthur: Crown’d. And Leodogran awoke, and sent Ulfius, and Brastias and Bedivere, Back to the court of Arthur answering yea. Then Arthur charged his warrior whom he loved And honour’d most, Sir Lancelot, to ride forth And bring the Queen; — and watch’d him from the gates; And Lancelot past away among the flowers, (For then was latter April) and return’d Among the flowers, in May, with Guinevere. To whom arrived, by Rubric the high saint, Chief of the church in Britain, and before The stateliest of her altar-shrines, the King That morn was married, while in stainless