Compare The Powers Of The Federal Government Under The Articles Of Confederation

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In this essay I will compare the powers of the Federal government under the Articles of the confederation and the powers of the Federal government under the Constitution. Unity needed to be created amongst the colonies, therefore to achieve it John Dickinson was entrusted by congress to create the Federal constitution. The Articles of Confederation stood as America's first constitutional agreement between the thirteen colonies, furthermore the articles were officially submitted to congress on July 12, 1776, and were debated and revised until it was adopted on November 15, 1777. It was composed of 13 articles, and officially become the ruling of the United states after they were ratified by all thirteen colonies in 1781. The articles set the framework of the new nation by giving the states the majority of power, and therefore limiting the federal government's authority. With the states retaining so much power through the Articles of Confederation, the abilities …show more content…
This clause granted Congress the ability to regulate the nation's commerce therefore correcting the federal government's ability to negotiate trades. The power granted to the states through the Articles of Confederation limited the federal government's ability to function centrally. The national supremacy clause corrected this fault by declaring federal laws and the constitution as the law of the land, in which they had jurisdictional authority over state laws. Another federal power installed through the Constitution came after the Civil war within the 14th amendment. The equal protection clause deems that no states within the United States shall deny any citizen the equal protection of the laws. This clause was another example of the Federal Governments power over state laws, in which was a disastrous downfall of the Articles of