Comparing The Merchant Of Venice In Tim Burton's 'Disorman'

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merchant of venice
In the films Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissor Hands, and Batman film director Tim Burton makes his films enjoyable for all ages. In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, young boy Charlie receives the gift of a lifetime that changes his life forever. In Edward Scissor Hands, outcast Edward lives his life with scissors as hands. In the film Batman, Bruce Wayne lives a life of two personalities, million dollar man and town hero. Tim Burton uses low camera angles, close up shots, and non diegetic music to display his abnormal style.
Tim Burton uses close up shots in order to provide the audience with a higher understanding for what the characters are feeling. For example in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Burton uses a close up shot on charlie when he discovers that he has just found a golden ticket. Burton’s choice should help the audience feel the excitement and joy charlie is feeling. Another example is when in Edward Scissor Hands is when Edward first walks into the house and sees the picture of Kim. The close ups hint to the audience that there might be something between the two of them making the audience sense that the will have a relationship. In addition, in Batman, an example of a close up shot is used in the doctor's face after unwrapping the tissue on the Jokers face to show that something was wrong. The audience should feel worried or scared to see what happened to his face due to the doctors facial expressions. Close up shots help achieve Burton’s overall abnormal style by leaving the audience in hanging and wanting to know what’s next.
Tim Burton uses low camera angles in order to make emphasised characters seem large and powerful. For example, in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, the first time Charlie sees Mr. Wonka Burtons uses low camera angles to make Mr. Wonka seem powerful and in charge. This shows the audience the significance of Mr. Wonka and they should feel like Charlie looks up to him as a big perfect man. Another example, in Edward Scissorhands, Burton even uses low camera angles on the bushes that Edward creates making them seem very large. This should should make the audience sense that Edward will have a role in the town where he has to constantly cut things. In addition, in Batman, when the robbers are on top of the roof at the begginging of the movie and they turn around and see Batman. Burton used a low camera angle to make Batman seem very big and powerful. Audience watching this scene should feel the mighty power and strength of Batman.