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Audience: All Readers.
Purpose: To compare and contrast what I thought prom would be like and how it really was.
Just a Dream
While as a child, you dream of going to prom but once that day actually comes you then realized that it wasn’t what you imagined it to be. But you also realize that dreams do come true or was it just your imagination?
Ever since I was a child I dreamed of going to prom. I pictured it to be spent with all of my best friends. I could even see my family there taking pictures and admiring how beautiful I looked. My dress would be pink with a flowing back and I would wear a tiara simply because I felt like a princess. My date would be tall, dark, and handsome typical guy. We would pull up to prom in a black limo and all eyes would be on us. My date opens the door for me and puts on my pink floral cu sage and leads the way into the almighty prom. I pictured us walking in on a red carpet and lights being everywhere. You would sort of feel as if you’re in Hollywood for just one night. As we walk in balloons would be everywhere and all my friends would run up to me telling me and my date how good we looked together and how beautiful we were. Everyone would look like they owned the night with their gowns and suits. Music would be blaring from the deejay booth and it wouldn’t be a soul sitting down. As you look around you even see the teachers standing up and dancing admiring everyone and how they look. As the dance floor gets empty you wonder where everyone went. Until you realized they have called for prom pictures. We rush up the stairs to take pictures before the line gets to crowded. After taking pictures it’s about time for everything to be over and everyone to head home. Everyone said their goodbyes and still complemented people as they were leaving. My date and I got into the limo and we said our goodbyes to each other before I got out and walked into the house. In reality the prom was somewhat like that but not quite it was in May and it was pretty warm out me and my date decided we wanted to be different and wore the color black to prom. As we got out of his car and walked to the entrance it was a red carpet and a lot of lights. All eyes were on us as we made the entrance. All of my friends were