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Animal Farm Book and Movie Animal Farm is a novel about farm animals running a farm and becoming self sufficient. It is a story with great detail and is a very good book to read because of it surprising events. If you have seen Animal Farm the movie, you would feel completely different. The movie has far less detail and events to make it as interesting as the book. Though the story is basically the same, the lack of details makes the movie dull. One thing that can make a book good is characters.... [tags: Compare Contrast Animal Farm Essays] 623 words
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Animal Farm - George Orwell’s political satire “Animal Farm” makes some interesting contrasts between the patriotic character of Old Major, an older majestic looking pig, and Napoleon, a pig who seems to bide his time waiting for the right moment to seize control for his own evil purpose. Old Major makes a patriotic speech to the assembled group, expounding the virtues of animalism (socialism) In effect he is calling for a utopian socialism in which the community must sacrifice for the collective well being of its members.... [tags: essays research papers] 828 words
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Comparision of "The Chrysalids" and "Animal Farm" - ... Throughout the novel, the parity and fairness among the animals of the farm fades away due to the pigs’ abuse of power; they grant themselves privileges while hardening the lives of the other animals on the farm. The novel, which is also a political satire to Russia’s Communism, represents allegorically Russia’s history between the timeframe of 1917 to 1943. The novel’s plot is targeting the general audience because it is using simple, childish objects, such as animals and a farm, to denote Russia’s history and the failure of communism, hence conveying important themes and messages to the audience.... [tags: Literary Review] 2181 words