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Between the two texts, we are presented with three main characters: Bruno, Shmuel (both from Bot in the Striped Pajamas), and Elie (from Night). These characters share some overarching similarities as well as many differences. By looking at their setting, physical attributes, and culture, I will demonstrate how three young people who all took part in the Holocaust can have completely different perspectives. To begin, the characters come from a different location yet at one point they all end up at the same spot. Bruno originates from Berlin, Germany but is forced to move to Auschwitz when his father receives a promotion. This is where he meets up with Shmuel who was sent to this camp from his home in Poland. Elie also does a stint in Auschwitz in between Birkenau and Buna camps. However he differs from Shmuel in that he is from Sighet, Hungary. So though they all have different paths to get there, they all end up at the same location, if only for a while. Secondly, the three characters physical attributes connect them but at the same time separate them. All of these three are young people who are the full authority of the text which is presented. Bruno is the most physically unique based on his brown hair, blue eyes, short height for his age. He heavily contrasts with the shaved head, thin, Jewish features presented by both Shmuel and Elie. The characteristic that defines Elie within the text is his injury to his foot which almost ends in his demise. This injury is another way in which he connects to Bruno who injures his leg as well. A third reason how these characters can be compared and contrast is through their culture. Bruno in this way is extremely different from the other two. Being