Competition Essay

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Sports, school and a job, its something that we all have do at some point in our lives, but did you know they all have something in common?

My name is Daniel and today I am going to be talking about how competition has helped give me an edge at my job, improve my grades, and also shown me when to stop.

Competition is a normal and healthy thing in most workplaces. It not only helps me to work faster but when I view my job as a competition it also gives me motivation to learn new things. For example at my job there was a position that had just opened up that I had been interested in for months. Upon inquiring about the the position I was told there were five other candidates wanting the same position. Rather than getting discouraged about my odds at getting the position, I chose to view it has a competition to outperform everyone else. In the end I was the most persistent and most motivated one for the job.

By getting that job it lead me to see that I wanted more from life, such as more opportunities to learn and do what I loved, and school happened to be the best way to reach that goal .

In school I have learned there is also some form of competition. whether its with a rival school, a classmate, or even against yourself. School is probably my favorite place to be competitive, there are constantly small competitions going on like a debate, sporting events, scholarships, or my personal favorite, the competition against yourself. In every class I have taken I always try to out perform myself by getting a better grade than the week before or finishing an assignment a few days early.