Competition Day Essay

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Competition Day At 6 o’clock in the morning Skyland’s alarm clock goes off and her eyes open wide. She springs up with excitement knowing that Competition Day is officially here. She gets out of bed and starts preparing for her amusing, lively day. As Skyland starts packing she starts getting aroused to compete with her team at the district meet. With the fans watching and everyone cheering them on, she begins dreaming about how competing will feel like. She eats a healthy, energizing breakfast and makes sure she has everything packed without leaving anything behind. Her family wishes her luck and says they will see her soon as she starts walking out the door. During the drive to the competition, Skyland is getting pumped and focused by listening to music that makes her feel happy and charged. She clears her mind and allows peace to enter it with no negativity. Her and her teammates meet up at the school to drive together to the meet. Everyone is enthusiastic and ready to take on the other teams. The coach is running frantically around making sure everyone has what they need. Parents are kissing their children and telling them good luck. The team gathers on the bus and they are off to the meet. On the bus everyone is singing and bonding to let go all of their nervous butterflies. When they make it to the competition, Skyland puts her game face on while walking into the building. It is now time to get ready and get serious. After walking in the building, the team finds their section to get ready in. Everyone takes a seat a starts putting on their uniforms and preparing their appearance for the day. Skyland applies her golden mineral eye shadow and piercing black eye liner to her face along with a deep red lipstick to her lips. She then moves on to her hair making sure every piece is laid down perfectly. Skyland stays focused to reduce mistakes and keep everything perfect. She double checks everything she has on making sure there are no flaws, her uniform is clean, her nails are cut down, and her hair bow is applied straight up. She puts on her cheer shoes and now she is ready. As the team walks into the performance area they do not watch any other teams because they do not want to get down on themselves. They cheer other teams on and off the mat and focus on keeping each other spirits up. Everyone waves to their families and friends in the stands. They all start stretching so no one