Computer Fundamentals Essay

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Chris Wilson

M14 – Computer Fundamentals

Paul Ashby

Computer Evaluation (AS1)

29th January 2010


Briefing Page 3

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Computer Software Page 5

Design of Computer Page 6

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Health and Safety Page 10

Summary Page 11

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I have been asked to build an IBM computer system for a customer that is required to be able to carry out certain tasks for their employable skills as they are a self employed business person. The computer will be usable for not only normal requirements such as applications, World Wide Web, music, social forums but for particular tasks such as:

• Video Editing capabilities • Professional Photography and Editing • Website development

In order to find the suitable software for these 3 certain requirements I will research different programs and choose one for each category as to what I think would suit best. To determine this I will take into count price and functional ability. I will also make sure all components I choose to be part of the system are compatible, by doing this I will investigate into components that will run with the operating system that I choose to run.

3 Required Software Packages Investigation

First off I will start at looking at the software in which I could use for the 3 required software packages I have been asked to include by the customer. I will look at 3 types for each requirement.

Video Editing

I will visit this website to help me choose the most appropriate, cost affective software -

Cyberlink Power Director is the first package I came across and has all the basic video editing capabilities as well as an excellent rating by past customers. It has Intel Core i7, NVIDIA CUDA, and ATI Stream technology in which it delivers up to 5x the speed. I consider the price to be excellent considering the review which I thought would greater the price. This package is only £43.42

Adobe Premiere Elements is known to have an excellent interface and extremely easy to use which would come in handy to those who are new to these types of programs. However the