Computer Misuse Act

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If the attacker was found guilty under section 1 of the Computer Misuse Act, on the conviction of indictment they would be subject to imprisonment for a period up to but no longer than two years. Or, they could be placed in a position to pay a fine of a certain amount, or suffer both of the punishments stated. This would appropriate because the extent of damage the program Duuzer can cause is on a huge scale and the aftermath of fixing the system would be costly. Because of the attack, the victim would have to reactivate a protective software, or invest in a different antivirus. Depending on the extent of damage to the computer system, the victim would also have to purchase a new computer system or spend a lot of money to rectify any hardware …show more content…
Investigators had sufficient logical to reasonably suspect that Yasuhiro Kawaguchi had let loose and it was even conceivable that he had created this pernicious and infectious. In fact this piece of software had infected over two thousand computers.
The piece of malware was designed to swipe all images discovered on the infected machines and distributed them via the net. The high number of files caused some of them to freeze when the Trojan horse executed its payload.
Even so, prosecutors were only able to charge Kawaguchi on the grounds of possession of malware for the reason that he admitted to storing the vicious malware on his computer. Other charges may be added later on, depending on what future evidence lays ahead, and what it gathers within his house
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A reason for this is that Yasuhiro Kawaguchi was accused and arrested for having stored a virus on his computer, but with no real reason. Therefore, there is lack of clarity as to why he had it on his computer in the first place and what his intentions were with the software. Also, it is unknown whether or not he created the virus or he took it from someone/someplace else.
Although possession of malware is not seen a crime under the Computer Misuse act, Yasuhiro Kawaguchi was in fact arrested under Japanese government law. He was charged with possession of malware and is to serve 2 years in prison. In addition to this, he could also be fined up to 300,000 yen which converts to £1,618.

 Conducting a DDOS against a target network
A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a venture to create an online service which was not available, by overwhelming the online service with traffic from numerous sources. They aim towards an astoundingly immense range of principal assets, from banks to informative news websites. They also display a major challenge to making sure that people are able to publish and access significant