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In the field of computerized layout analysis, a number of computerized layout programs have been developed since the 1960s and 70s. But the most time tested computerized layout techniques and software program packages that are frequently used are- CRAFT, CORELAP, ALDEP, etc. Originally developed in late 60’s and early 70s, many of these packages are still around with latest additions to their features.
Layout problems often involve a given number of facilities which must be located in the plane. Each of these facilities has a given area,
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Then, every sign needs to give a score that is started with U=0, O=1, I=n, E= n2, A=n3, and X=–n3. Hence in this example; the score are A = 125, E = 25, I = 5, O = 1, U = 0, and X = -125. Then, every room has total closeness rating(TCR). CORELAP starts with the biggest TCR.

Second, the important step in CORELAP is learning about adjacency. Adjacency is a coefficient between two activities/spaces. The range of adjacency is between 0 and 1. There are three types of adjacency that are fully adjacent (side contact), partially adjacent (point contact), and non adjacent (no contact at all). Fully adjacent has 1 value of coefficient; partially adjacent has 0.5 value of coefficient; and non adjacent have 0 value of coefficient. CORELAP adapts this theory. Started with first room in the middle, put the relationship value with second order in the 8 side around it multiplied with adjacency. Then, put the next room in the highest value. All calculations illustrate in the figure below.

Third, Draft a layout using CORELAP block diagram. Draw the requirement of land and make grid. Assume that one block covers 1 m2. Draft all rooms refer to CORELAP block diagram. In this example, the draft layout will be showed in figure below.

In the conclusion, CORELAP can be applied to make a layout design of house. This simple method should refer to other architect methods and rules.

ALDEP (Automated Layout Design Program)
It is an acronym for automated layout