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Conservation vs. Preservation
Rebecca M. Butler
June 14th, 2015
Mr. Scott Rosecrans
Conservation vs. Preservation

Describe your examples. Explain why these examples represent either conservation or preservation.
Throughout history, humans have hunted and killed animals for food, fur, and other products. However, there are different types of hunting, which include sport hunting, subsistence hunting, and commercial hunting. Because hunting has become more than a source of food, fur, and other products, it has become well regulated to preserve the capacity of the animals in their natural environment. This is a great example of conservation, which includes preserving and protecting wildlife that is hunted for sport and other reasons as well.
Explain whether these examples successfully meet their respective objectives. Does the conservation example successfully manage the resource so that it can use indefinitely? Does the preservation example successfully set aside the resource so that it is let wild and untouched?
Yes, laws have been set in place, which implement times of the year that people can hunt certain animals. However, although there are laws, rules and regulations set in place, there are always going to be poachers. Many times, poachers kill endangered animals because the benefits outweigh the risk of incarceration or fines. In addition, the conservation of endangered wildlife has become successful, it is also not perfect.
Describe one way in which conservation success is measured in the assigned reading? Do you think that this is an effective measurement for