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TO: Ben Russel (
FROM: Jackie Brillas (
DATE: 3/03/2015
SUBJECT: MEMO- Exit Interview Brief Results

Good Afternoon Ben,
As previously requested please find below a few brief findings from the last 12 exit interviews conducted. This information has really brought to light the main gripes the resigned employees had within the organization.

With the above information and other detail regarding the company, individual sectors of the business and employees opinions on the current remuneration and benefits packages I think we can make a few small but significant changes to the organisation as a whole to assist in maintaining the current staff as well as building staff moral overall.
This will be discussed on Thursday in more detail for now please review the attached overview of the last 12 exit interviews. Should you require any other detail in the interim please contact myself or John.
Kind Regards,
Jackie Brillas
HR Administrator P: 02 8668 8000 F: 02 8668 8080 D: 02 8668 8025

1. List the benefits of exit interviews.
a. They are one of the most widely used methods of gathering employee feedback along with employee satisfaction surveys.
b. They are inexpensive to administer and can gather quality and vital information for the company.
c. Reduction in the costs associated with staff turnover.
d. So to part with the employee on good terms.
e. Suggestions for improvements in relation to recruitment, employee induction, training programs, management, supervision, job design etc.
f. Gain knowledge on how the departing employee would improve current process, procedures and policies.
g. Provides an opportunity to 'make peace' with disgruntled employees, who might otherwise leave with vengeful intentions.
h. Are seen by existing employees as a sign of positive culture.
i. Results and analysis of exit interviews provide relevant and useful data directly into training needs analysis and training planning processes.
2. List the factors that constitute a valid resignation.
a. Voluntary
b. Genuine & not subject to pressure
c. Made in full knowledge of the consequences
d. Made in circumstances that are not stressful
e. Specific date to be nominated as the last day
3. Briefly explain the term- forced resignation
Forced resignation is when conditions are unfairly applied to an employee which forces them to resign with no other real option. For example, unfairly changing the employees working arrangements such as start/ finish time; in doing this it would most likely cause the employee to resign as they required and relied on those specific hours of work to sustain their lifestyle.
a) Benchbook Case: Irnya Margolina v Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres Pty Ltd [2011] FWA 5215
Irnya worked for Jenny Craig as a manager, the business was going through a restructure and instead of communicating and consulting with Irnya in regards to her future in the business they chose to make her redundant despite the fact her skills could be used elsewhere in the business. The business was worried that Irnya would be offended by the offer of a lower paying position. When Irnya claimed with the Fair Work Commission for unfair dismissal she won the case and was offered the lower paying position which actually suited her better as she has had a small child at home and this gave her the opportunity to have more of a work life balance.

4. Develop a checklist for resignation to put on file for HR staff.
To- Do:
Action Required By:
Completed: Y or N/A
Mgt. Sign
Signed resignation letter

Formal handover to successor or supervisor

Final Payments- Wages, vacation, overtime, time in lieu, bonuses, commission (if applicable)

Arrange for Record of Employment

Conduct Exit Interview
Formal consultation in regards to necessary confidentiality clauses
Letter of service

Collect company property-
Mobile phone
All access keys