Consumer Consumption Essay

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Are You What You Buy?

As a society we are embedded in a culture of consumption. Consumerism brings out a passion in people to have things, be it objects or services that will make them feel better. This "passion" becomes a powerful force that makes people make some unwise decisions in their life. The money consumers spend on these goods could be going to the ever-surmounting needs for health care, poverty help, or other things that would help the society as a whole. This is why America is the prime example of a capitalistic consumer society and not a socialistic country. People want things for themselves before anyone else. All cultures need consumerism to survive, because we need food, shelter, and clothing and the last time I checked
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You usually find very unique products at boutiques, which also mean higher prices because of the exclusivity. At clothing style boutiques that I have seen the employees are usually dressed very stylish and generally quite attractive. These stores often provide the shoppers with a feeling of superiority that further separates them from the rest of the consumer society. Supermarkets on the other hand are designed for function, carrying all sorts of foods, household products, pharmacies, banks, and even coffee shops. I think supermarkets are a part of consumer society that attracts all types of people because of the human need to eat. I think that the massive amount of products at a supermarket makes people linger around and therefore spend more money, acting on impulse or running into something they saw on TV.
Department stores are large with a lot of open space for high ceilings to make you feel at ease while shopping. Higher priced department stores may also portray an upscale feeling by specific uses of lighting, music, or interior design. One example I can think of is at Nordstrom there is a pianist regularly playing during shopping hours and they also has a café on the outdoor terrace. If we were consumers for only necessities the people at Nordstrom would not have put a pianist at their stores. The truth is that consuming has become an adventure in itself with many factors contributing to every purchase. The last type of store is the big warehouse style store