Consumption In China

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Chinese income per capita

What does consumers want  experience

when they drive
 sophisticated automobiles to fulfill their various activities
 Accommodate parents, kids, women and guests  Shift towards vehicles and segments offering more appealing content and features Interesting facts….
Automobile sales in china

Vehicle Demand in China
Rising demand of cars

Trompenaar’s Dimension
 Universalism

 Neutral

vs Particularism

vs affective

 Achievement

versus ascription

Need of Chinese consumers

number of upper middle class to upper class consumers in the
Middle Kingdom’s urban centers is larger than the total populations of many developed countries

There are at least 80 million consumers with cash to spend

foreign automakers make China-specific models with longer wheelbases. The reason? Chinese car owners prefer to respectfully give their passengers more legroom

Like many consumers in the Middle East, Chinese like privacy, which means that if they can afford it, they go for large roomy cars and tinted windows. Convertibles are viewed as too exposed.

Car segmentation in china
Chinese car purchasers can be segmented into five main customer :

chasers are willing to try new things, pursue trends and are technology-driven. They like to be under the spotlight.
Hedonistic life-lovers have more modern values and focus on enjoyment and the pursuit of happiness.
Status seekers see cars as status symbols that allow them to gain other people’s respect. They love new models and show them off in front of others. they also have the highest spending power Progressive achievers believe that work is an important way to realize their own values.
Family-oriented traditionalists focus on family harmony.
When choosing cars, they pay more attention to fuel consumption and low carbon emissions

1. Chinese legal system is weak, unreliable and unpredictable 2. Major IP concerns about China
3. The Chinese rely more on developing relationship (Guanxi) rather than on written