Content, Ip, and the Consumer Environment in the Digital Age Essay

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Content, IP, and the consumer environment in the digital age
By Charlotte Christou

Intro: IP, Copyrights, and distribution models become more challenging to manage as content goes digital.

1. Internet – A disruptive technology a. Data upon demand b. Online shopping c. Electronic content distribution d. Social Media e. Mobility f. Global connection g. Cloud Computing h. Business models will change –how do you pay, Broadband, satellite, wireless, etc 2. The internet changes the way we do business a. Offers low cost marketing and traceability b. Electronic Distribution of content c. Application software d. Shipping costs e. Instant information and decision making f. Low barrier to entry for small businesses, small cost g. Increase in security risks, new costs for businesses h. Blurs global boundaries 3. Technology is digital and the digital convergence is here a. Voice, data, video, controls, music, etc is now digital b. Why did that happen? i. Processor speeds, memory density, low cost, low power, digital quality with no A/D, D/A, etc c. Digital highway allows anything to be distributed anywhere i. From Home, to transportation, to work, to anywhere you go ii. I/O 1. USB, Sata, HDML, Ethernet, FIOS, Wifi, WiMax, etc iii. Many Formats – data, video, pictures, music, etc 1. MPEG, JPEG, Jif, DIVX, MP3, PDF, m4A, etc iv. Many software applications 1. iTunes, Real Player, Microsoft Media player, etc v. Eventually, these formats, applications, I/O’s will need to be transparent to consumers. d. New Business models are being developed i. Purchase downloads ii. Purchase subscription model iii. Tokens e. Problem: How do we protect content and IP rights? i. This is a current issue for an American company doing business in China. China has made progress since joining the WTO. ii. Patents, copyrights, trade secrets, business model f. Problem: How do we allow the consumer to buy content once, and use it in any of their CE devices? g. Problem: Content piracy h. Almost 7% global market share for knock offs. 4. Ways to protect IP a. Always know the local law b. HW i. Embedded, SOC, object code, pre-programmed ICs, modules ii. Anything that prevents reverse engineering c. SW/Content i. Encoded ii. SW keys iii. Tokens iv. Verify Authorization, login/password d. Business Model i. Legal contracts and services ii. IP protection – legal and trade iii. Need employees in both countries iv. Organizational structure v. Partners 5. China a. When China became a WTO