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My Contentment with Christianity
The experiences and or people that mean the most to someone, is what creates their future and helps them to achieve their goals. My parents and love for Christ are who have shaped and made me the person I am today. They have challenged me and taught me to push myself and attempt my hardest to achieve every goal I have ever wanted to complete. The obstacles I faced when accomplishing my goal were diminished as long as I kept my eye on the prize’, and continues to try my best and put in as much effort as possible with everything I did.
Ever since I was young, my parents told me, “As long as you try your best in everything you do, Samantha. It’s the effort that counts” I grew up memorizing just that and always trying my best to make my parents proud. So when I told my parents that I wanted to become a hard, full-time Christian, they were in shock. When I was asked to elaborate on “full-time Christian”, I replied with “I will be attending Church every Sunday mornings, I will babysit children during separate services, go to the Wednesday teen group, and I signed us all up for a Life Group every Monday at Tuesday at 6!” you can imagine their surprise. I was determined to have more of the Lord in my life. Later I realized that all I really needed to do was read the Bible, but these activities brought me closer to my beliefs and assurance that there is a God, and he is my savior. It was very complicated to manage my school, friends, family, and all of the activities I was getting so involved in. I was trying to take it one step at a time. I rarely had a break, and I was having so much fun doing what I loved to do, that it did not bother me. In accomplishing my goal, my parents were always supportive, however, that does not mean that challenges did not surface.
Everyone is always told, “Nothing you do, goes without consequences!” That is exactly what occurred in my situation. Not only was the time management hard to grow accustomed to, but because of my growing beliefs in my religion, I had lost all of my friends. My sense of what is important in life changed and began to drastically differ from what they believed. It was shocking to wake up every morning for a while and have to think, “Wow, I really hope I meet someone new today or else I will be