Contract and Proper Business Strategies Essay

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In recent years, developing acquisitions and alliances becomes a strategy for firms’ both short-term and long-term progress. Certainly, to ensure benefits maximization, many conditions are required, such as proper business strategies and management about the cooperation.
Acquisition is really one company acquiring the other. In this acquisition process, the acquiring company receives the good and bad, the positive and the negative resources, liabilities, and reputation. The acquiring organization receives all assets and liabilities of the acquired organization. Meanwhile, alliances, generally strategic to an organization’s short or long-term plans, are contractual relationships wherein both organizations remain independent while collaborating to develop a mutually-beneficial result within a specific scope outlined in the contractual agreement.
A joint venture (JV) is a business agreement in which parties agrees to develop, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. They exercise control over the enterprise and consequently share revenues, expenses and assets. There are other types of companies such as JV limited by guarantee, joint ventures limited by guarantee with partners holding shares. A joint venture takes place when two parties come together to take on one project. In a joint venture, both parties are equally invested in the project in terms of money, time, and effort to build on the original concept. While joint ventures…