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Romeena Tolentino
January 29, 2015
POLS 101 W 4 – 650 PM
Political Science Assignment #1
1. Politics/Government
a) Politics – debates, over controversies that pertain to the government, between two different parties whose goal is to achieve a solution, but mostly power
Government – a community of people who live under officials that construct and enforce laws b) The importance of politics, is that it gives the opportunity for both sides of an argument to be stated, heard, and understood. It gives the illusion that there’s an equal chance that either side may win due to who has the highest vote.
Government is important because it keeps the people in a society civilized under laws.
c) In the video,
Mighty Time: Rosa Parks, the political debate at that time was whether or not there should be an end to segregation.
It also showed the government during her time and how whites were superior to blacks which is shown by the laws made.
2. Authority/Power/Force
a) Authority – having power over someone, and can enforce them to be obedient
Power – the ability to control someone’s behaviors or the course of events
Force – to make someone or something do what you want unwillingly
b) Authority is important when you want to be led by someone you trust in – someone who has your best interest.

Power can be important when constructing a civilized unit or united army. Power is mostly important to the person who wants it, or who wants to be a part of the cause.
Force can be important if forcing the hand of justice or criminal restraint.
c) Martin Luther King Jr. had authority over the black community who followed him. When he spoke, everyone fell silent. They obeyed his request to be not violent, and because of him, they weren’t.
Power of the government was depicted in the video,
Mighty Times: Rosa Parks
, by how all blacks knew to sit in the back of the bus. There was no physical force making them sit at the back, but they knew, because the government said blacks had to sit on the back of the bus, then they had to.
Due to Rosa Parks’ denial to move from her seat, cops had to incarcerate her, forcing her to move.
3. Social Movement
a) Social Movement – a group of individuals who take actions to carry out, resist or undo a social change that have to do with specific political or social issues
b) Social movement is important for the people who have been disappointed in what has happened within the government. This is their opportunity to speak out and have the chance to make reforms they believe is necessary.
c) The video,
Mighty Times: Rosa Parks
, shows a social movement made by the black community to stop using the buses and instead walk.
4. Machiavellians
a) Machiavellians – schemes politicians use to deceive people into favoring in them to advance their careers

b) This tactic is important mostly for politicians so they can be known, as well as favored by the people, so they can gain power.
c) For example, in
Mighty Times: Rosa Parks
, when the white people assembled, they made it seem like Rosa Parks was the reason that they were losing money due to their walking boycott. They made her seem like an enemy so that he can maintain a perfect image as a white superior.
5. Moderate and militant Machiavellians/ Moderate and militant movement members

Moderate and Militant Machiavellians - Moderate Machiavellians are more open minded to change as long as it preserves their larger interests, while militant Machiavellians rather rebel against movements.

Moderate and Militant Movement members - Moderate movement members want to either change or protect the original order, while Militant movement members are committed to modification of the order of things.

b) Both moderate and militant Machiavellians are important because they both either fight for change or fight to keep things the way they are. Both benefit the people who are on either side. These movement members could be fighting for what’s right or wrong, or for