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Copyright Warning Video Summary
Robert Neil
January, 11, 2011
University of New York

2. In the copyright warning video it talks about the dangers in copyright materials. Copyright happens every day in business and personal life. A lot of times we have no idea we are doing something wrong when we decide to burn a video to a cd or copy a song. An example, which was used in this video, was a company used a song from Pink Floyd for the company’s internal training video for their employees. The company did not get a signed release from Pink Floyd stating they could use the song in their video. If the video was ever sold to another company or made public then the company would and could be sued for illegal use by Pink Floyd. Another hot topic in everyday life is plagiarism. College students, writers, newspaper office and many others are all at risk for plagiarism. If we write a story or article or whatever it may be and put our name on the paper people believe it is our work. When we use another person’s quote we need to make sure we use the person’s name or citation in our work and give that person the credit for the work. When a person plagiarizes it can hurt their reputation and put them at risk for termination, expel, and a legal battle. One smart idea is most companies have employees sign a copyright notice to help protect the company and employee. Employees have the right to ask their boss to see a copyright release anytime…