The Process Of Corn Oil

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Corn oil, processing oil, generally includes the separation of embryo and embryo oil two process.
(a) corn oil refining equipment line of corn germ separation method: separation of corn germ mainly dry desquamate to germ flour flour embryo and wet method.Dry desquamate to embryo pulverizing the raw material without flooding germ flour processing direct peeling, palm oil refinery plantgenerally can be used when the grain moisture content at about 18%, but the processing loss is larger;Wet method embryo pulverizing method, is to peeling grains after soaking treatment germ flour, its production process that: (1) after the selection of grain with sulfur dioxide solution soak 40 to 60 hours.Soaking barrel 5-6 meters in diameter, is commonly used in stainless steel tanks of 12 to 15 m tall.(2) crushing and separation of the embryo: after soaking corn has softened, each organization composition between osteoporosis, grinding or crusher broken, then through embryo separation tank water, make the embryo float on the surface of the water, isolated embryos.Using embryo separation groove is China's traditional process, but the separation rate of only 85%, the highest separation efficiency is low, at present abroad and the larger processing plants are using cyclone separation, germ separation rate can reach more than 95%.
(2) of corn germ oil and refined corn oil production line: the press law of oil, especially corn embryo involved should pay attention to the key treatment before links and in the process of pressing oil dredge and oil recovery, can effectively improve the ratio of grain and oil.Producing oil, containing a certain amount of saturated fatty acids, lipids, wax and materials such as cholesterol, Steam pipeas well as the glycerides of impurities such as free fatty acids, phospholipids, pigment and a small amount of protein colloidal substance.Also contains a certain pigment.So to get refined corn oil, also must pass a wax, acid, bleaching and deodorization process, etc.
Corn oil in pigment has two categories: one is the natural pigment, such as the carotenoids, lutein, such as chlorophyll, easy for the bleaching earth adsorption decolorization.Another kind is the formation of organic matter decomposition product colors, brown and tan, not easy for the bleaching earth adsorption decolorization.
They are often in short pimps state dispersed in oil.Though some pigment be eliminated in the process of machining, but the rebound in larger extent.Made from corn oil processing usually takes the decoloring technique is used, a bleaching earth twice decoloring effect of decoloring process;Embryo for material processing, not in time for making oil color dark hair oil, decoloring difficult, decoloring decoloring process, can be used.The decolorization of corn oil in addition to its original taste of corn, and in the alkali refining in the "soap" brought about by the taste, decoloring "sushi" soil flavor, subject to further deodorization process make the corn oil in line with the requirements of flavor.
Corn oil production which involves the extraction of corn germ in the first place.The method of extracting corn germ mainly dry method and wet method, three…