Oil press in detail Essay

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After our country science and technology and our research staff years of hard research and development and efforts for many years, represents the highest temperature of cold pressing equipment ZY type automatic refined oil equipment today came out at last.The emergence of this automatic automatic refined oil equipment filled in the our country oil cold pressing blank without large professional equipment industry, overturned thoroughly oil equipment company in San Diego to ridicule and irony of edible oil equipment manufacturing industry in our country, this oil press equipment mainly processing and peanut, soybean, rapeseed, tea seed, walnut, sunflower seed, castor bean, sesame, rice bran, corn germ oil crops.Compared with the screw machine, oil, and cakes of loss is small, has a stable performance, easy to operate, durable, good product quality.Is the most important breakthrough of production, the previous common automatic refined oil equipment are 180.230 models such as output per hour is only about 120 jins, while the Taiwan version of no hours production of 2.5 tons.Bread and the residual nutrients retention and detection of protein purification project, linolenic acid, plant light high protein content, the bread of comprehensive utilization of market value has been an unprecedented increase.Traditional automatic refined oil equipment, generally speaking, there are three people in operation, but also experienced technical personnel, should pass on the crib, crib, the whole crib.The process down.For 2-3 hours to complete.My company invented automatic refined oil equipment automatically, just one operation, forbid to professionals, working efficiency is greatly increased, and from the oil into the machine to squeeze net only 43 minutes, a squeeze