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OBH Day4 “Corning Glass Works(CGW): The Electronic Products Divisions (A)”

1 Conduct a situational analysis of EPD using the information presented in the case. Why has there been such a strong tension among functional department?

1-1 Summery
EPD is struggling to face a transformation of business model. They should change their business from product oriented to customer oriented because the key success factor of the component market is not technological advantage anymore. In the instable component market, it is needed to have market-oriented people and built a close communication among teams in order to introduce new product into market quickly. They also don’t have enough marketing staff and their evaluation
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On the other hand, for Sale, the volume of sales is important. In addition, EPD is expected to grow at an average 10% a year. These are same goals with CGW event though EPD’s market situation is different from other divisions. EPD does not set appropriate goals and share strategies in order to build a KSF, cost-competitiveness and new product development, of the market. It should share as important goals, the cost advantages and new product development, but they did not set these strategic goals. An inappropriate structure and HRM system is the cause of the conflict among functional department because each department is going to a different direction and the direction is their mission to achieve.

There is no leader in EPD and this is also a critical issues. For example, Joe Benetto is an entrepreneur with desire to grow. Although he seeks for new business into EPD and he creates an air of excitement, he is not good at empowering people. He is also not good at training and couching middle managers. He seems to have interest people’s behavior because he learns about the behavioral science, but he can’t make the most of the opportunity. Don Rogers, on the other hands, doesn’t lead the people. He is recognized as a very friendly, clever and knowledgeable person. He likes sharing information and his thoughts and discussing with others but he doesn’t set a clear goal and lead people. It seems that he is a commentator and bystander.