Corporate Culture Essay

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Firstly, Corporate culture is a spiritual culture, it is the centripetal force, the whole enterprise together. This is because the corporate culture is after the test of time, constantly sum up, recognized by corporate members. It out on behalf of a business, can be said of the other signs of the enterprise; inward manifestation of cohesion, where all members of the beliefs, and it can contribute to all the members toward the same goal.
Second, corporate culture is the culture of an institution. "There are no rules, no standards!" Precisely because of the constraints of the corporate culture, companies can better gather together. Corporate culture inspired the entire staff has a high sense of responsibility and unity, in other words, with strong execution, on the protection of the company's high-speed, efficient operation, achieve a multiplier effect. In such enterprises, the staff work together to create the atmosphere, the launch of products and services with a high added value, and easier to be accepted by consumers trust.
Third, the corporate culture is a kind of material culture. Filed Coca-Cola, we know that "brand, is an emotional"; bring South Korea's Samsung Electronics, we on the know "to people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence"; mention Haier, on we know that "respect for innovation; mention Microsoft, we on the know" passion for culture "... no not a reflection of the material culture, through time and space, a far-reaching impact.
These three cultures, such as three concentric circles,