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John Kuruc
Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment
Hormel Foods
November 3, 2014 Hormel Food corporation has an extensive section of their website dedicated to their corporate social responsibility. After analyzing the website for Hormel it is easy to decipher how driven, eager, and willing the company is to dedicating precious time and resources into developing their corporate responsibilities. Here is a list of topics that Hormel covers within their Corporate Responsibility section of their website:
Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility:
Sub topics:
-Ethics, Governance, and Risk
-Corporate Governance
-Risk Management
-Supply Chain
-Palm Oil Commitments
Animal Care:
-Raising Our Animals
-Community Involvement
-Internal Recognition: 2013 Environmental Sustainability Best of the Best Champions
-Professional Development
-Wellness Our Way
-Profit Sharing
-Fair Employment
-Human Rights
-Safety and Well-Being
-Employee Engagement
-Food Safety and Quality
-High Food Quality and Safety Standards
-Use of Ingredients
-Products In Emerging Markets
-Responsible Marketing
Health and Wellness
Corporate Responsibility Reports
Hormel shows dedication to going the extra mile in order to reach out to their customers and communicate with them as openly as possible. The “Corporate Responsibility” Tab on their website leads lead to a wealth of information about the company. An interesting fact about Hormel can be found under the “Risk Management” sub-topic of the “Corporate Responsibility” tab. The company has a team known as the Enterprise Risk Management, or ERM, that strives to point out and defend against new or reoccurring risks that could cause harm if handled improperly. Among a long list of risks include things such as food spoilage, contamination, allergens and product tampering. Another interesting fact that