Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Finance, what goals do I have? First and foremost I want to be successful in this class and maintain good grades. I want to gain a better understanding of finance not only for my future professional goals but also on a personal level. Finance is a big part of not only business but your life, from paying for college to buying a home and retiring. I want to have that better outlook on how to manage my money and what I should invest in to help secure a good future for myself and my family. Saving money and putting money aside for retirement is not something I excel in so that is knowledge I hope to gain and take away from this course. From a business standpoint I want to gain enough understanding to know what is going on so not to get taken for a ride. I have no desire to enter the finance field or become a financial analyst but because finance is a huge part of owning/operating your own business I need to be aware of the environment I am entering and understand enough to be successful and secure. The amount of finance experience I have outside of managing my personal income is very limited, I tend to shy away from numbers and leave the big stuff to people who are more knowledgeable.
My long term goal is to open my own business, through the videos and reading for this unit it is going to be important for me to choose the type of business I want and know the difference. Do I want to have a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation and what are the advantages