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Corporate Social Responsibility

Business School

1. Define the CSR from different visions;
2. Describe and then proceed to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of CSR;
3. Outline what social obligations and responsibilities should organizations have, providing practical examples;
4. Explain whether companies can satisfy both profit and social needs and obligations. CSR – What is this?
Mass layouts and record profits

Managers Salary


Moral request able Advertising

Corporate Fraud

Insufficiency of
Natural Resources

Child Labour

Financial Crisis

CSR – What is this?
• RISK MANAGEMENT => a term more commonly used for avoiding financial risks and damages to a company’s reputation.
• So the companies define clear rules such called Value Management Systems.

CSR – What is this?

CSR – What is this?

CSR – What is this?

The important thing is: How companies make PROFITS, not How they spend them!!!

CSR – What is this?
• CSR => must not simply be the repair centre of capitalism, it has to demand systemic change in the market economy.
• CSR => requires for new roles for the key actors in this game.

CSR – What is this?

CSR – What is this?

Three dimensional aspects of CSR:
Economic Aspects;
Social Aspects;
Environmental and Ecological Aspects.

CSR - What is this?
Economic aspects of CSR!
1) The multiplier effect;
2) Contribution through taxes;
3) Avoiding actions that damage trust.

CSR – What is this?
Social aspects of CSR:
1) Responsibility towards customers;
2) Responsibility towards employees;
3) Responsibility towards community.

CSR – What is this?

Ecological aspects of CSR:
1) Measuring environmental impact;
2) Environmental management;
3) Environmental responsibility.

CSR – Strengths

Satisfied Employees;
Satisfied customers;
Positive Public Relation;
Costs Reductions;
More business opportunities;
Long term future for a business.

CSR – Weaknesses

Loss of Focus;
Lasting Impact;
Shareholder expectations;

CSR - Social obligations and responsibilities!

Apple CSR report 2014
• Educating and Empowering Workers;
• Labour and Human rights;
• Health and Safety.

CSR - Social obligations and responsibilities!

Nike CSR report 2012-2013
• Water;
• Waste;
• Community.

CSR - Social obligations and responsibilities!

• Child labour - Primark use children to work with cheap labour cost, most of them are forced to work and some come because of the poverty at home.
• Human rights - on April 24 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Savar, near Dhaka, in
Bangladesh collapsed. The building contains several factories including Primark. The death toll of 1132 people was killed in the collapse as they were sewing the clothes to export. CSR - Social obligations and responsibilities!

CSR - Social obligations and responsibilities!

• Child labour – Nestle, is one of the business who uses child labour and they been caught recently, by BBC panorama, but still there is evidence they are refused to admit the issue. • Fair trade - The movement advocates the payments of a higher price to producers as well as social and environmental standard. It focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries.
Some of the products that Nestle uses are coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, bananas, honey, cotton, wine, fruit and chocolate. They are purchasing the products from counties like Malaysia and Africa, where they pay less money to employees even though their products and company says that they are trading fairly.

CSR – Can satisfy both profit and social obligations? Its all very well committing to CSR schemes but companies have to find the right balance enabling them to still make profit and promote the company’s image by fulfilling its social needs and obligations.
However, these schemes have to be cost effective to ensure