Correction Trend Essay

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Correction Trend Evaluation
Julia Mosley
October 1, 2013
Correction Trend Evaluation
In the United States, the corrections facilities is overcrowded and mismanagement. A prisoner is led to inhumane treatment and more of them are filing lawsuit against correctional facilities for civil rights violation. Prisoners are aging and changes made throughout, the prison with correctional staff, technology, health care, and court ordered. To improve the prison system it is to focus on sustainability to improve the prison environment by giving the inmates the proper health care. Health care and mental health services have been a significant concern in the prison. As, many inmates do have some type of psychological disorder he or she are likely to be mentally challenge, suffer from addiction of drugs and/or alcohol, minimum education, poor social skills, and some will be a threat to society. Correction budget has been a major concern with the America criminal justice system. Throughout the United States, budget cuts happen within the correctional facility by closure and many non-violent prisoners has been release. The principle of the prison staff professionalism is that he or she is involving with men and women inmates that have been deprive of his or her liberties. The correctional staff will operate as executive, administrative professional, security, and management. The future of the correctional facilities can restructure around five simple concepts security must keep in its proper place, prisoners are classified in four different groups; new, intractable, tractable, and defective. Tractable prisoner’s main concern is problem solving and acculturation of such that the prisoners in society to which he or she will return. Intractable prisoners present themselves as a disciplinary problem within the prison. Mentally defective prisoners are incapable of understanding the nature and consequences of the criminal act or renders that he or she is unaware of the criminal act occurring.
The development of corrections that refer to jails and prison, including community-based programs follows with probation, parole, and drug treatment facilities has reform offender and operate to incapacitate. The prisons may be ineffective on a person because most offenders are incarcerating for non-violent crimes, such as drug possession. Offenders that are incarcerate in the criminal justice system demands restitutions, not retribution. Correctional facilities uses the rehabilitation services currently, in the past and will continue in the future. However, the rehabilitation program has improved with technology. The five main philosophies that the criminal justice system operates with as followed: rehabilitation, retribution, restoration, deterrence, and incapacitation. The retribution is on the notion that an offender should get his or “just desserts.” Within the past two years, the recidivism has decreased by targeting the appropriate intervention for the offender not to reoffend. When the offender is release, it is important that the community give him or her positive ongoing support by deterring them away from the bad association; this does include family members. Usually, when the offender goes back to the same environment it is ineffective that he or she may reoffend.
The correctional American system need to be aware that efficient management and humane correctional facility conditions are not dependent on the correctional authorities alone. It is not easy for medical prison staff to manage a mixture of offenders that has a drug addiction, mental health problems, and inmates that is dangerous and violent (The Prison System, 2006). Prison managers focus on balancing the goals of security and the objective of social reintegration of a diverse range of people. Prison managers face in balancing the goals of security and the objective of social reintegration of a diverse range of people. Prisoners have the