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In the field of beauty care, a person who does cosmetology can turn you hair into a work of art .A cosmetologist specializes in aesthetics, which is the study of the psychological responses to beauty and artistic experiences. And also specializes in hair care.” Some cosmetologist are expert in make up, they are able to do make up analysis and advice customers what products to use.”(Career encyclopedia 66)Cosmetologist also becomes familiar with other fields such as nail care, skin, hair styling, cutting, coloring, shampooing, manicures, waxing and facials.” More than half a million people work as cosmetologist.”(Career for women without college degree 254)The Egyptians were the earliest people to use cosmetics. They have invented numerous cosmetics, perfume, and herbal. For personal grooming and religious things. Barbering also became a basic form of cosmetology .But men were only able to practice barbering, women began doing this in the 1920’s.In the field of cosmetology can work as many hours as they want .It’s a great career field for people who like the beauty industry .It’s especially great for you are a single parent or just living on your own .You could buy a studio and have your workspace and home in the same place .This career is also great for men .who thought men couldn’t do hair and make up .But this wouldn’t work for a mother of two. Unless she owns her own saloon. The pay isn’t bad. “When you first start you make about $12,000 or 13,000 a year”. (Allure magazine)After you have more experience you make about 18,000 to 24,000 a year. (Allure magazine) These benefits are definite .When you find a saloon at or buy your own, rent out your booths, you can make more money .If you are looking for a booth you might get paid less. Depending on how many clients you have. Special thing about cosmetology is that you can make your vacation any time. As a cosmetologist you would probably work a full day .There are so many ways to get schooling to be a cosmetologist .You could decide whether to go to a private vocational school which would cost you more. Or you could go to a public school .It could take 10 months or even a year to receive your license. You get hands on experience, your hours. You must have a certain number of hours depending on what state you live in.” You must take a state exam. When you receive you license you must renew them every two years.”(Career Planning # 4)You practice with mannequins most of the time.”The employment of barbers, cosmetologists, is projected to grow faster than an average for all occupation through 2018.Post secondary training or an associate degree. A typical day for a cosmetologist might be to cuts, trims, and shapes hair or hair pieces, bleaches, dyes, or tint hair, comb, brushes and spray hair or wigs to get style. Massages and treats scalp for hygienic and remedial purposes. These are all the expected duties of a cosmetologist.”(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S department of labor, occupational outlook handbook most cosmetologists have to experience these duties .Some of these things are required .Cosmetology is a great career. I am interned in. It’s a very fun job. You can make your own hours. During my research paper I noticed different specialists for cosmetology. Being advance, being placed is usually a form of higher earnings that is a result as a cosmetologist gains experience or becomes a skilled specialist in more than one place is good. More phases of work include hair styling, straightening, or coloring hair. Cosmetologist jobs depends on the size of the saloon , the type of work you do .Most of the time cosmetologists become teachers in beauty colleges, sales reprehensive for cosmetics firms, beauty editors for newspapers or magazines companies.” This career is important for people to use their hands or fingers to grasp, move, or assemble objects.”(Vibe magazine 2011)People in this career seem to have enterprising, intrest, social