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Dear Selection Team,
This summer I will be babysitting for some families and I will also be helping out with my family’s business. I also might be bussing tables at Winchester’s. My friends and I will also be making fabric headbands and selling them at some of local events and at True Colors in Sheridan. My friends and I will also be doing face painting for the kids at our local events also. I will monitor my profits and devote my time to which activity is returning the most money. We will adjust our time to the areas that produce more revenue.
I am a very hard worker. When I babysit I always leave the house looking better than it did before I got there. I do my chores without being asked to and I do them well. I’ll be able to hike easily and stay up late watching the turtles without drinking an energy drink or Mountain Dew. I am pretty athletic so five miles of hiking won’t necessarily kill me. Year round I do many sports, including gymnastics, softball, volleyball, soccer, track, swimming, and tennis. I do distance work in track so muscles are all built up to hike long distances without complaining.
Going to Costa Rica would mean the world to me. I would love to experience a new culture and be able to watch newborn turtles find their way home to the ocean. Planting trees in a community is a great way to make it look even more tropical. I would like to be able to see a rainforest and be able to learn about its ecosystem. Staying with a Costa Rica family would be really neat. Being able to learn