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Cassidy Mullin
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Country Analysis
27-February 2015 China
The political and legal system in China are very delicate. Since reform and opening up, The CPC has assisted with the development of China’s political and legal system. China is advancing from a society controlled by decisions to society controlled by rules. Statutory rules covering politics, society, and the economy have been formed. Since 2011, China has enacted more than 230 laws, 690 administrative regulations, and over 860 local statues. The new laws have been constantly revised to better protect the human right and political rights of citizens. As an example, the 1997 Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law abolished the principle of “presumption of guilt” and it is expected that “the presumption of innocence” will be included in the Criminal Procedure Law. The Government Information Disclosure was implemented to increase the transparency of governmental decision making processes and guaranteeing citizens’ rights to access government information, which in return promotes citizens’ participation in the political process. China has also been reintroduced to the system of lawyers. Which has allowed them to better serve citizens and protect their rights and interest. The relationship between China and the United States has been described by many world leaders as the world’s most important mutual relational of the century. Currently both countries share the same views on political, economic, and the prevention of terrorism. China is the largest foreign creditor to the United States.
Gross National Product in China increased to 566130.20 CNY HML in 2013 from 518214.70 CNY HML in 2012. Gross National Product in China averaged 73704.48 CNY HML from 1952 until 2013, reaching an all-time high of 566130.20 CNY HML in 2013 and a record low of 679 CNY HML in 1952. Gross National Product in China is reported by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. With more than 1.3 billion people (1,336,718,015 as of mid-2011), China is the world's most populous country. As the world's population is approximately 6.7 billion, China represents a full 20% of the world's population so one in every five people on the planet is a resident of China. China's population growth has been somewhat slowed by the one child policy, in effect since 1979.

For years China has been known for their cheap labor rates. The US imports many products from China due to the fact that is cheaper to buy the product out right from China than to manufacture the products in the US. Which would make it appealing for US companies to move their manufacturing facilities to China. However, the era of cheap labor may be ending. Over the past decade, the labor wages has grown 12% per year. The higher labor prices makes is less appealing for US companies to outsource their labor.

China has a population of over one billion and a fast growing economy. A prime place to open a business. China is also the largest exporter and importer of good globally. Other positives that may attract businesses is the cheap/reliable technology, highly productive workforce, and large land area. All key sectors of their economy are thriving. From technology, automobile, to tourism. With the large land mass and