Godaddy Bookkeeping And Why It Needs To Go

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Why It Needs To Go

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Prepared by: December 13, 2014

Software Capabilities Needed
 Supplementary

 Time Saving Measures
 Remote Access Assistance

Supplementary Services
Supplementary services are useful tools for a company’s accounting needs. Some services include;  Payroll services
 Document management
 Inventory management

Supplementary services are not just good for clients they are good for Accountants’R’Us.

FIGURE 1 – GoDaddy Bookkeeping rating on Additional Business
Services compared to others such as Xero (Stevens, P. S. 2014)

Offering special treatment to your customers will help them to feel taken care of, and it’s also something they might be willing to pay more for (Steinkirchner, S.
Finding software that provides additional services for clients might be more expensive in the short term but in the long term can increase income from clientele.

Time Saving Measures
While accounting clients have various needs for their bookkeeping there must be one service that is not forgotten:

Time Saving Measures

Too many options in a software can waste time that could be better used in serving clients. Too many options = time wasted in training Time saving options that allow us to provide the same services benefit both company and client.

FIGURE 2 – QuickBooks and Xero rating on Time Saving Features
(Stevens, P.S. 2014)

Remote Client
 “…if

a customer can’t get ahold of you when they need to, you could lose them forever” (Steinkirchner, S. 2012)

Occasionally clients have emergencies that arise and if we cannot assist them no matter where we are, we can lose clients.

Service is key to keeping clients. FIGURE 3 – QuickBooks and Xero rating on
Remote Access Services