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The judge read the charges Mr. Chou was being accused of which included break and enter with intent, mischief under $50, and fail to comply with probation. The judge then explained to him his rights and options to a trial where the onus would be on the crown to prove guilt, and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to plea guilty. The crown then proceeded to read the facts of the day of the offence while disclosing that the accused was a heroin addict. The offence took place on Feb 18th the accused got onto the TTC started causing a disturbance by yelling and punching the TTC windows, he then started taking off his clothes, got off the TTC, approached a house and kicked the front door, he was found on the floor in the residence. The crown mentioned that this was done while on probation and that the accused has no mental issues; therefore this happened due to the drugs consumed. The Judge then asked the accused if he agreed with the facts in which he responded, “yes your honor”. The crown then proposed 6 months conditional sentence and 2 year probation.
The defense stated that the accused had been sober for a year prior to this therefore the hallucinations was much stronger when he relapsed. He gives a little background on the accused disclosing that he is 39 years old, and has a daughter in Caledon which he sees every other weekend. The defense tells the judge that it is important for the accused to be allowed to leave today, so that he may retain his job that is a big part in helping him stay sober and out of trouble. The judge then turned to the accused and…